Dictaphone Typing Services

Dictaphone Typing Services | UPDATED 2022 | A Complete Guide

Most of us have faced the need to transcribe a recording at some point in life. Whether you have created notes from personal voice messages, tried to extract something from an interview recording, or simply generated a searchable term from a speech, you may have realized that it is a tedious process and can take a lot of time. 

This is where transcription and Dictaphone typing services come in. These services let you upload your recording and generate usable transcripts and notes without any headache on your part. 

Dictaphone Typing Services – A Complete Guide

An effective Dictaphone typing service can prove to be an invaluable tool for businesses relying on information from recorded statements and audio interviews. These services often possess qualified, professional teams of accurate and reliable transcribers and typists with the right skills and expertise to deliver efficient processing of voice files in a variety of formats including tapes. 

Types of Transcription 

While the most reliable way to transcribe an audio or video is to handle it yourself, it requires a lot of time and effort in addition to a number of programs to help you. As it involves listening to every word and typing, correcting the formatting, reviewing the final result, and much more, it is often a better idea to choose a dedicated service for Dictaphone typing.

Another approach is automated transcription where you upload the files to software that processes the recording using automatic speech recognition and gives you the transcript. The disadvantage of these services is that they are less accurate as compared to other methods. 

The best alternatives are premium-tier transcription services where a team of trained and skilled transcribers and typists complete your task. These services deliver highly accurate results but they have a longer turnaround time and are pricier. There are also some privacy issues associated with this type of service. However, most of the reputed services give you an option to remove your files from their servers at any time. 

Cost and Turnaround Time

A lot of services charge on a per-minute basis where costs quickly add up for longer recordings. Some services charge extra for faster turnaround time or poor-quality audio. There are some options with both subscription-based and per-hour rates aimed to cater to individuals and businesses looking to process multiple long recordings every month. 

The time a service provider takes to turn around depends on how long the recording is. Automated services may be able to process a file in a matter of minutes while human services can take a little longer and require spending extra to get faster delivery. 

Accuracy and Audio Quality

A highly important consideration is to ensure the accuracy of the transcription by recording the conversation in the highest possible quality. Make sure the subjects are close by and speak in clear, loud voices. If there are multiple participants, they should speak one at a time. You can consider using digital voice recorders instead of recording on phones. 

What Is Digital Dictation Typing?

Dictaphone was originally trademarked as the name of a tape recorder brand. Today, the term is used to refer to any electronic device or software intended to let users create voice recordings for important notes. Digital dictation typing is a type of transcription that uses a specialized machine to record and playback messages, conversations, and communication. 

With Dictaphone typing, recordings from tapes and digital machines can be transcribed into printed or typed documents for reference. The most well-known example of digital dictation typing is medical transcription. Health insurance companies generally require dictated communication between doctors and patients to analyze the need for treatments. Legal meetings and court cases are also dictated most often for later reference. 

How Does Digital Dictation Work?

When individuals or businesses have a tape-based recording, they must hand out the tape to the typist to make the dictation. With digital dictation services, the recording can be sent to the professional via the internet to save time and effort. This is particularly beneficial for business people spending a lot of time outside the office. 

A Dictaphone typist listens to the audio recordings and transfers the speech directly to a document, using a word processing application. The file may contain background noise, blurred speech, false pronunciations, and other errors to be corrected before creating the final transcript. Transcriptionists possess special knowledge and skills in their area of expertise and a broad understanding of the area-specific terminology. 

Best Online Dictation Transcription Services 

There are several options available for online dictation transcription services if you need to convert your audio and video recordings into text formats that you can use in your business. Here are some of the best services that deliver reliable results and save you a ton of time and effort. 


An automated transcription service with powerful editing software, Trint offers quick turnaround times, good security policies, and much more to suit those looking for simple transcription tasks. Trint offers both subscription-based and hourly pricing options. 

The basic level costs $15/hour with support for unlimited editing and sharing. The monthly plan of $40 gives you a total of 3 hours of transcription. For $120/month, this service lets you upload up to 10 hours. Trint also offers Team and Enterprise plans to suit organizations and enterprises. 


This is a human-based transcription service that does not rely on automatic speech recognition but employs freelancers to provide efficient audio and video transcription. They deliver quick turnaround time and accurate results for affordable prices. The cheapest option costs about $1 per minute and comes with a time frame of five days for files that contain one or two speakers. It also offers a built-in web editor with all the basic functions supported. 


Another solid transcription service that delivers accurate results at competitive prices, Scribie works like any other human-based service where you upload your recording and wait for human transcribers to complete it. An affordable automated option for simple transcription jobs and excellent accuracy make this service an ideal choice for anybody looking to save time and effort. 

Scribie has a per-minute pricing model charging $0.8 per minute for manual transcription with a return timeframe of 36 hours. The service promises 99 percent accuracy with its manual transcription. The automatic transcription costs $0.1 per minute with a minimum charge of $1 per file. 

Way With Words 

An international audio to text services company serving global clients, Way With Words provides best-in-class transcription solutions by collaborating with start-ups and freelancers around the world. 

You can upload a recording in any supported format and the company provides high-quality accurate transcripts you can use in your business. 

The service also offers transcription for a wide range of video files with a guaranteed accuracy of up to 99 percent. 

Final Words

A reputed Dictaphone typing service can turn your recordings into useful resources. Transcribing can be expensive and cumbersome at times, but the value you get from accurate transcripts outweighs such problems. With a wide variety of services to choose from, it is easy to get a solution that suits your needs.

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